Seattle Encore Arts Programs

Every year, two million people receive Encore Arts Programs at performances throughout the Seattle area.

96% of readers say Encore Art Programs enhance their arts experience. As one of the most financially stable and well-educated groups, arts patrons are one of the best markets for advertisers.

Encore Arts Programs are seen by 65% more readers than the circulation of leading monthly Seattle lifestyle related magazines, totaling more 1/3 of the entire Puget Sound population with active lifestyles.

What arts patrons think of Encore Arts Programs

  • It's important that I receive a program!     81%
  • Arts programs enhance my experience.     96%
  • I read the program in the theater.     99%
  • I read the program at home.     74%
  • I let others read my program.     35%
  • I collect programs as souvenirs.     43%
  • I knowingly shop at program advertisers.     48%

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