Encore Arts Programs -- Performance at a Glance

Life of an Encore Arts Program: Patron Results

It's important that I receive a program!     81%
Arts programs enhance my experience.     96%
I read the program in the theater.     99%
I read the program at home.     74%
I let others read my program.     35%
I collect programs as souvenirs.     43%
I knowingly shop at program advertisers.     48%
Maximum Visibility

Encore Arts Programs offer a unique, yet proven, way to communicate with your preferred consumers. With up to 275,000 readers in a month, and three-quarters of those readers taking the program home, the opportunity for impact soars.


Encore Arts Programs reach is incredible:

Small, Medium, Large size theaters: 400 Seats + 1000 Seats + 2,500 Seats =

One Evening Show 2 Show Day 1 Week of Shows 1 Month of Shows
3,120 people per night receive an Encore Arts Program 6,240 people per day receive an Encore Arts Program 31,200 people per week receive an Encore Arts Program Nearly 85,000 people per month receive an Encore Arts Program

...all demanding to receive an Encore Arts Program at a performance.

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Increase the performance and reach of your media buy with the buying power of the arts patron.

100% of Encore Arts Programs readers are ticket buyers, which means they are consumers in the marketplace attending shows, dining out, traveling regularly, shopping, exercising, and consuming a high volume of goods and services.

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