10 Things You May Not Know About Encore Arts Programs

Encore is the official printed program of 23 performing arts organizations throughout Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Each month Encore Arts Programs averages over 230,000 copies hand-delivered to arts patrons, exceeding the combined circulation of Seattle Magazine, Seattle Metropolitan magazine, 7x7 magazine and San Francisco Magazine.

100% of Encore readers are ticket-buyers; which means they are active consumers in the marketplace: attending shows, dining out, frequent travelers, and high volume consumers of high-end goods and services.

Encore Arts Programs are a highly anticipated part of the performing arts experience. Patrons expect their own copy of an Encore Arts Program, they read it at the performance and many take the arts program home.

A large portion of Encore Arts Programs readers consider themselves "collectors" of program issues. Encore Arts programs are the tangible, commemorative evidence of their attendance at memorable shows and performances.

Association with the performing arts is positive for advertisers.

Almost half of Encore Arts Programs readers say they are more likely to patronize a business that advertises with Encore Arts Programs.

Encore Arts Programs reach community and business leaders.

The performing arts are a major part of the cultural fabric of the Seattle and Bay Area, attracting prominent business, social and government leaders.

Advertisers stand out. Encore Arts Programs are high-end publications with a generous editorial-to-advertising mix that highlights all advertisers and provides prominent exposure.